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My Best Margarita Recipes

I love a good margarita. Maybe it’s because the margarita cocktail is so versatile. It can be served up, frozen or on the rocks. The flavor can be as simple as fresh lime or the drink can be made with additional fresh juices and fruits like grapefruit and mango. Just be sure to mix with fresh squeezed juices and a decent tequila, then find a patio and start sipping.Grapefruit MargaritaGrapefruit Margarita
Fresh Lime MargaritaFresh Lime Margarita
Mango MargaritaMango Margarita
Pomelo MargaritaPomelo Margarita
Blood Orange MargaritaBlood Orange Margarita
Meyer Lemon MargaritaMeyer Lemon Margarita

Bourbon Drink Recipes

Happy Derby Day! (a.k.a. drink Kentucky bourbon day)

Kentucky bourbon makes a wonderful base for cocktails like a simple bourbon mule or a classic, refreshing mint julep. Here’s a roundup of some of the best bourbon drinks.Kentucky Bourbon MuleBourbon Mule– a simple mixed drink made with bourbon, lime juice and ginger beer

Mint JulepHoney Mint Julep– crushed ice doused with bourbon and a honey-mint syrup (from Bourbon and Honey)

Bourbon Cider CocktailKentucky Apple Drink– hard cider and aromatic bitters spiked with Kentucky bourbon

More Bourbon Drinks:
Bourbon Milk Punch
Bourbon Cider Cocktail from Kingfield Kitchen
Bourbon and Ginger Cocktail from Bourbon and Honey

Chocolate Hazelnut Drink Recipes

Happy World Nutella Day! Today people all over the world are celebrating the delicious combination of chocolate and hazelnut. If you love Nutella, check out the recipe links for Nutella recipes and Nutella inspired recipes posted on the World Nutella Day site.

I’m a big fan of the flavor combination of chocolate and hazelnut, and have posted several Nutella inspired recipes over the past few years. Here are some of my favorites:Chocolate Hazelnut DrinksChocolate Hazelnut Coffee
Chocolate Hazelnut Martini
Spiked Hot Drinking Chocolate

More chocolate hazelnut drinks:
Nutella Latte from The Endless Meal
Nutella Hazelnut Hot Chocolate from The Sweetest Digs

Drinks for Game Day!

Sure, a six-pack makes sense on game day. But, if you ask me, super simple mixed drinks make even more sense. Here are a few of my favorites:
Vodka LemonadeVodka Lemonade

Lemon Beer ShandyLemon Shandy Beer Drink

Chocolate Stout Beer ShakesChocolate Stout Beer Shakes

Kentucky Bourbon MuleKentucky Mule Bourbon Drink

Moscow Vodka MuleMoscow Mule Vodka Drink

Gin and TonicVery Good Gin and Tonic from Kingfield Kitchen

Grapefruit MargaritaGrapefruit Margarita

Bourbon Hard Cider CocktailBourbon Cider Cocktail from Kingfield Kitchen

More game day drinks around the web:
Blood Orange Margaritas from Bourbon and Honey
Spicy Jalapeno Margaritas from Love and Lemons
Hibiscus Green Tea Soda from Eating Clean Recipes